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Other Diesels: Audi, Volvo,Lupo
Other Diesels: Audi, Volvo,Lupo
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On occasion we get odd ball Diesel Engines in our purchasing ventures in Germany. This section will include some of those engines that cannot be normally Classified with a standard tab. Please if you have any questions ring us. If you are looking for a specialty Diesel Engine give us a call maybe it is something we can look for and possibly get for you. We have brought in various European makes and model specialty items that are not in our standard inventory at times. So please call and ask. 760-391-6979

Article # Volvo 240 / Volvo 740
$ 1799.00
Volvo 240 / Volvo 740
Volvo 240 or Volvo 740 Diesel 2.4 Engine

Volvo 2.4 Diesel Natural Aspirated Engine & Transmission. This will fit the Volvo 240 and Also the Volvo 740: D-24 Style; The engine code is CW.  Came out of the Volvo Station Wagon, it does come witht he Transmission. 82 Horsepower and 108 Ft. Lbs. of Torque at 2500 RPM. Great price, never have this but found it in Germany. So if you need it jump on it. Call for more information 760-241-9504. Low miles, imported from Germany. 

Code: CW

Miles 86,700

2399.00 with 3 month Warranty

$1799.00 AS IS

2.4 Diesel for Volvo 240

2.4 Diesel for Volvo 740

Article # OD 1
$ 3599.00
OD 1
VW 2.5 TDI Passat Engine and 5 Speed 4 motion Auto Trans w. Harness & comp

VW 2.5 TDI Passat Used Engine V6, used Complete Frontend, used 4 Motion Auto TIPTRONIC 5 Speed Trans, With used Harness and used Computer. 

Code AKN

150 Horsepower   

230HP   1500 Ft. lbs of torque at 3200 RPM

All parts are used. Selling AS IS. Call for more information 760-241-9504

VW Passat 2.5 TDI

2.5 TDI

2.5 TDI V6

Article # OD 2
$ 3999.00
OD 2
VW Lupo: 2001 Front Clip: 3 cylinder

VW 2001 Lupo 1.2: 3 cylinder TDI Front Clip. Extra Light, fuel economy. This is the 3 L version. 3 L stands for 3 Liter Fuel Consumption per 100 Kilometers equals 75 miles per gallon. 61 HP. 54,000 Miles. This is a complete front clip. 

Call for more information 760-241-9504

Thank you for viewing or ad.

Lupo engine

1.2 Lupo

1.2 VW TDI

1.2 TDI

Lupo TDI

Lupo 1.2

Article # OD 3
$ 2499.00
OD 3
Sprinter engine used Longblock 2001-2006: Mercedes 270CDI

This is a Sprinter used Longblock from a Mercedes 270 CDI: Fits Sprinter from 2001-2006

Miles: 62,500

Engine Code: OM612DE

3 Month warranty

Call for more information 760-241-9504