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EUROVAN Gas & Diesel
EUROVAN Gas & Diesel
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Article # TH 1
$ 1999.00
TH 1
Vw Eurovan 1.9 Diesel, Natural Aspirated

VW Eurovan 1900 Diesel natural Aspirated Complete used Engine. THIS IS A GOOD RUNNER and a rare find. I have not had one of these from Germany. YOU GAS MILEAGE LOVERS will love this. You will still be slow but you will save gas.  Great engine, I also have the transmission that came with it but that is additional and not part of this price. Good Used 4 spd. Transmission is $500.00 with the exchange if not the core is $500.00. Call for more info 760-241-9504


Miles: 62,400

3 Month warranty on Engine: 3 Month warranty on Trans if you buy that.

You can purchase AS IS  1699.00


Article # TH 2
$ 2699.00
TH 2
VW Eurovan 2.4 NA Diesel. 5 Cylinder

VW Eurovan Complete engine Used. 2.4 NA Diesel. 5 Cylinder. VERY STRONG Runner.

Miles: 66,200

3 Month Warranty

Call for more information 760-241-9504

Article # TH 3
Sale Item
$ 1899.00
TH 3

Eurovan Turbo Diesel our Mechanics Special

VW 1900 Turbo Diesel Eurovan Engine, good used, no alternator. Misses a little at idle. I just do not have time to fiddle. A couple hours time to go through maybe adjust pump, could be something simple. My time restraint for use of my guys YOUR GAIN. Watch the video this is a score in terms of price and what your getting for the price. But you kind of know that.  So if you want to give it some TLC this would be a good choice for those of you that are mechanics and have had a hand on these for you. A breeze to make into a beauty. 

No Trans

 Call me for more info 760-241-9504


Article # TH 4
$ 2299.00
TH 4
VW Eurovan NA 2.4 Engine: 5 Cylinder

VW Eurovan NA 2.4 Used engine. 5 cylinder, Used engine, pull out from Germany, With PS, Nice Runner, 86,200 Miles  $2299.00


Call for more info 760-241-9504 



Article # VW  2.5 TDI Eurovan Kit
$ 450.00
VW 2.5 TDI Eurovan Kit

This EUROVAN 2.5 TDI kit includes The Timing Belt, The pump belt, The 3 tensioners, and the waterpump. COMPLETE KIT.  Continental and SKF parts. I put this kit together for you 2.5 Eurovan TDI customers out there to help take the guess work of buying the CORRECT PARTS. CALL ME THESE GO FAST.


Article # VW 2.4 Eurovan Diesel Kit
$ 349.00
VW 2.4 Eurovan Diesel Kit
VW Eurovan 2.4 Diesel Timing kit Complete

I have taken the time to piece together this Complete Timing kit for 2.4 Eurovan Diesel. It includes the timing belt, tensioner, waterpump, and pump belt. The parts are SKF and Continental NOT CHINESE PARTS in this kit. Please specify when you call the engine seriel # because there are two kits for this model. Lets make sure you get the right parts. Thank you for viewing our ad.