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Late VW 2000cc (2.0) Gas Engines
Late VW 2000cc (2.0) Gas Engines
Vw 2000cc (2.0) Late Gas Engine MK 4 series

Late 2000cc (2.0) Gas Engines, also referred to as the MK4 Series, came in the Golf, Jetta, Passat, Cabrio, New Beetle and Audi from 1999 till 2004. For these particular engines it is most helpful if you can provide your 3 letter Engine code. You can find this in your Maintenance manual there will be a sticker, your spare tire compartment will have a sticker, or you can ring your local VW dealer provide them with your Vin # and they can give you the Engine code. That will help us check stock for you more quickly. Prices subject to change without notice. Prices are reflective of the exchange rate at the time of purchase in Germany. Note: we carry Transmissions for All VW applications so do inquire. There is not section on the site yet.

Approx. Engine Specifications:

  • Horsepower: 150 - 180
  • Torque:          155 - 174
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Article # TAKE NOTE


Article # VW ENGINES
Article # VW 2.0 GK
$ 99.00
VW 2.0 GK
Vw Complete Gasket Set 2.0 (2000cc) 1999-2005Jetta, Beetle, Golf

This is a complete gasket kit for the 2.0 4 cylinder engine. Engine codes AEG, AVH, BBW, BEV, CPB, AZG. 1999-2005 Models Jetta, New beetle, Golf, Cabrio

Article # Vw 2.0 Clutch Kit
$ 239.00
Vw 2.0 Clutch Kit
VW 2.0 SACHS Clutch kit Jetta, New Beetle, Golf

This is a complete clutch kit. Go SACHS do not risk failure w. a Chinese product. What will you save a few bucks. Not worth it. My price is great. Please confirm your 3 letter engine code w. our representative when you call and we will confirm this the unit you need. Fits Jetta 1999-2005, New Beetle 99-2005, Golf 1999-2006

Pressure plate 215mm


Throw out bearing

Article # Serpentine Belt Kit
$ 134.99
Serpentine Belt Kit
VW Serpentine Drive Belt Kit Jetta, New Beetle, Audi

This is the kit you may as well use if you are installing another engine. This one is a little less expensie then the German one but it is Good and it is not chinese. This one is Continental/Contech. I can get you the pieces individually German so ring me we can discuss further

ADK 0035P

Fits: Jetta 1999 thru 2005 both the 1.8 Turbo engine and the 2.0 engine (99 model AEG) w. AC. The Beetle 1998-thru 2005 1.8 Turbo engine and the 2.0 Engine w. AC

Audi TT 2000-2006

Audi TT Quattro 2.0 2000 thru 2006   the 1.8 Turbo 2004 thru 2006


Great Price.

Call us we can confirm, or discuss the German units. The German units fluctuate in price to often because of the current market and availablity so call 909-391-6979


Article # TH 250
$ 999.00
TH 250
VW 2.0 Jetta, golf, New Beetle, Passat AQY Complete Engine

This is a good used complete engine pull out from Germany. It came out of car with only 43,700 Miles on it The Code is AQY and is the same as the AVH and varius other codes. We can confirm that it will work for you when you provide your 3 letter engine code to us.

Mles : 43,700

3 Month warranty

Code: AQY Same as AVH



Article # TH 251
$ 699.00 Ex.
TH 251
VW 2.0 Shortblock Reconditioned 1999-2004

Jetta Engine, Passat engine, Beetle Egnine,

VW 2.0 This is a reconditioned Shortblock. Great price. I also have longblocks if your head is bad. This will fit the 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 Jetta, Passat, New Beetle, Call me this is the AVH/ BBW. May also be compatible with other codes call me we can talk about it. 909-391-6979

Core: 200.00

6 Month Warranty

Call for more information 909-391-6979 



Article # TH 252
$ 899.00
TH 252
VW 2.0 Longblock: Used

VW 2.0 Longblock: Good Used, which fits the 1999-2004. Will include extra parts that are free of charge we are selling the Longblock.

Miles: 59,200

3 Month Warranty


Code: AQY = AVH

Article # TH 253
$ 899.00
TH 253
VW 2.0 Jetta, Golf, Beetle Longblock for 1999-2004 models

2.0 VW used longblock with some extra parts. The unit is being sold as a long block and you can decide to use the extras or not.

3 Month Warranty

Code: APK = AVH, AEG

Miles: 63,200



Article # TH 270
$ 1499.00 ex
TH 270
VW 2.0 (2000CC) NEW Longblock 2008-2010

VW 2.0 JETTA  LONGBLOCK. This is a NEW Longblock is Code CBP  used in the 2008-2010 Jetta.  Check your code call me and I can see if this is transferable or a twin to your existing code. Whey let your nice looking vehicle sit there. Get it back on the road. 2008-2010 Pretty cool body styles.  Any questions please ring for more info 909-391-6979

Miles: 0

6 Month Warranty

Core Charge: 150.00