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Early VW 2000cc (2.0) Gas Engines
Early VW 2000cc (2.0) Gas Engines
VW 2000cc (2.0) Early Gas Engines - MK3 Series

These engines came in the Golf, Jetta, Cabrio  1993-1996 Models. These models are also referred to as the MK3 Series. We call them the Early 2000cc (2.0) Gas Engines. Of course they fit the various VW models and can be used in some conversions. Please call we would be happy to discuss your particular VW need 909-391-6979. These engines were imported from Germany. Prices on engines are reflective of the exchange rate at time of purchase of product. Prices subject to change without notice.

Approx. Engine Specifications:

  • Horsepower: 115
  • Torque:          122
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Article #  VW Jetta + Others
VW Jetta + Others
VW MK3 Engines: Jetta, golf, Cabrio, Etc.


Article # TH 210
$ 999.00 ex.
TH 210
VW 2.0 Reconditioned Longblock ABA Jetta, Passat, Golf

This is a reconditioned longblock, Rebuilt head, new bearings, new rings. Fits the VW Jetta 8-92-98 1/2, Passat 95-97, Golf 8-92-98,Thiis unit has 115 HP, 122 Torque. This one does have the timing belt already installed as a courtesy with no additional charges tacked on - that is not usually the case so if this is the one you need its a great price.  We do require the exchange if not you have a core charge. Perfect to get that Jetta, Passat, New Beetle back on the road. Most of the time it was the head/bottom end that has been jacked up by loss of timing belt or other mishap. All your hardware/components are good so just swap what matters and keep that nice looking vehicle on the road longer. We use german parts to go through our longblocks NOT CHINESE. 

Code: ABA

6 Month warranty

Core charge: 200.00