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Early VW 1800cc (1.8) Gas Engines
Early VW 1800cc (1.8) Gas Engines
VW 1800cc (1.8) Early Gas Engine

 These are engines directly imported from Germany. Prices vary depending on mileage and German exchange rate. Core charge on these units is $100.00. Please call to discuss options or any questions you may have regarding your Vw application 909-391-6979 The engines came in :

  • the Golf, the Jetta and the Scirocco - up to 1987
  • the Cabrio - up to 1989
  • the Fox - up to 1990
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VW Engines
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Article # TH 101
$ 459.00
TH 101
VW 1.8 Fuel Injected Gas engine JN code

VW 1800 good used  longblock w. a few extras on it. This one came from a Fox but is used in other VW models Jetta, Scirocco, Golf  1984 thuru 1987. Fox up to 1990 and Cabrio up to 1989. Call for more info if you like. 909-391-6979. Get that car back on the road. $400.00 outright.

Miles: 66,200

3 Month warranty

Article # TH 103
$ 459.00
TH 103
VW 1984 Jetta Engine: 1.8 (1800CC) Engine Inline

VW Fox  1.8 Gas Inline style engine Code JN.  Fits the 1984-1987 Golf, Jetta PH code. Call me we can discuss further and make sure this is the correct application for your vehicle. Great price. I do not get many of these any longer. $459.00 Outright

Code: JN

Miles: 66,000

3 Month warranty


Article # TH 104
$ 499.00
TH 104
VW 1.8 (1800cc) Engine

This is a used 1800cc engine Code GX.Call for more info. I also have the automatic trans for this it would cost you and additional $300.00. Code for trans is TJ. 90mm Flanges. 

Engine Code GX

Trans Code JT

3 month warranty


Article # TH 107
$ 499.00
TH 107
VW 1.8 Jetta, Golf longblock 1984-1987

 This is a complete good used engine however we are selling as a LONGBLOCK. You or your installer can decide if you would like to use the other parts or not. We have priced as a longblock sale so basically everything else Free to use as you see fit. This is a 1.8 Gas engine. GX Code they came in Jetta, Golf, Scirocco 1984-1987, they came in the Fox up to 1990 and the Cabrio up to 1989. Questions just give me a ring. $499.00 Outright

code: GX

Miles: 68,200

3 Month Warranty



Article # TH 110
$ 499.00
TH 110
VW 1.8 Gas engine 1984-1987 Golf, Jetta, Scirocco

This is sold as a longblock. As you can see it does have extra parts you can choose to use or not. The sale is the used longblock This was used in The Golf, Jetta, Scirocco and Golf from 1984 thru 1987 and was in the fox up to 1990, the Cabrio up to 1989. Great engine great price

Code: JN

Miles: 76,250

3 Month warranty


Article # TH 112
$ 400.00
TH 112
VW 1.8 Gas Engine: Inline

This is a good used longblock VW 1.8 Gas. Used in various VW models from 1984-1987. This is and Inline engine. $400.00 Outright.

Code: MG

Miles: 59,700

3 Month warranty

Call for more info. 909-391-6979