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VW Late 1900cc (1.9)TDI MK4 Series
VW Late 1900cc (1.9)TDI MK4 Series
VW 1900 TDI 1999-2004 Jetta, Passat, New Beetle, Golf, Audi MK4 Series

This Section contains VW 1900 TDI Engines they came in the MK4 Series  1999-2004 Jetta, Passat, New Beetle, Golf and Audi. These engines are directly imported from Germany, low miles with 3 month warranty unless otherwise stated. Various Examples of Codes ALH, BEW, BEV, AHF, AGR. These units can be used in Various VW applications and conversions so please call to discuss what would best suit your VW need. 760-241-9504. HP  90-137    155-227 Torque

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Article # TH 650
$ 1999.00
TH 650
VW 1900 TDI: ASZ Pumpe Deuse Engine + Trans 6 spd

This is the ASZ 131 horsepower High performance Pumpe Deuse Engine with 229 ft lbs of torque  This is a direct replacement for the American version ATD or BEW 105 HP engine. CAll me we can discuss futher if you are interested. Trans not included. I am selling it AS IS.  909-391-6979. This is a highly sought after engine and I very rarely have many. Low miles, great price.

HP 131

229 Ft. Lbs of Torque.

Miles: 70,000 approx.



Article # TH 651
$ 2559.00
TH 651
1900 TDI: Automatic Engine replacement for ALH

VW 1900 TDI Engine: AHF. This is a replacement for the ALH but this is BETTER has 110 Horsepower. This is for the Automatic style. Fits 1999 thru 2004 VW applications. Call for more info 760-241-9504

Miles: 60,200

3 Month Warranty


Article # TH 652
$ 1899.00
TH 652
VW 1900 TDI Engine: 1999 thru 2004 VW: ALH

VW 1900 TDI Engine: This fits the 1999 thru 2004 VW Jetta, VW Passat, VW Beetle, some Audi. This is a complete good used engine. STRONG RUNNER Two ways to buy

AS IS $1899.00

3 Month Warranty $2399.00


90 HP

155 Ft. Lbs of Torque

47,200 Miles


Article # TH 653
$ 1999.00
TH 653
VW 1900 TDI ALH w. ECU & Harness No AC

This is a VW 1900 ALH used engine, w. the Harness and the ECU. No AC. Came in the 1999-2004 Model VW Jetta, VW Passat, VW Beetle. May be used in various conversions. Call for more info would be happy to discuss options for your project 909-391-6979

90 Horsepower

155 Ft. Lbs of Torque



You always ask how can I get it cheaper. Well here you go this does not happen often. Watch the video. Jump on it.

Article # TH 654
$ 1999.00
TH 654
VW 1900 TDI Engine ALH Code w. Harness, ECU, AC

This is a great engine Vw 1900 ALH TDI w. the wire harness, ECU and AC. Nice motor all around. LOW MILES. Package deal great option to get that beautiful VW back on the road. Call me for more information. Do not pass this up you choose with or with or without warranty

90 Horsepower

155 Ft. Lbs of Torque


3 Month warranty  2499.00




Article # TH 655
$ 1999.00
TH 655
VW 1900 TDI: ALH W. AC. Complete Used

VW 1900 TDI complete engine: ALH with AC. This is a complete motor you can get for $1999.00 AS IS

$2399.00 3 month warranty

MIles: 68,400 

Article # TH 656
$ 1399.00
TH 656
TDI 1900 ALH Used Engine

ALH TDI 1900 Engine.  one of the mounting holes is broken. The Turbo is there but bad.  If you are mechanically inclined this may just be your engine for the price. Call for more info on it if you like. 760-241-9504

75,350 miles

AS IS $1399.00

Article # TH 657
$ 2199.00
TH 657
VW 1900 TDI Pumpe Deuse Engine

This is the ASZ Pumpe Deuse European Version of the American 1.9 TDI ATD or BEW. This is a used longblock w. injectors. It has 131 Horsepower in comparison to the 105 with 229 Ft. Lbs. of Torque. Sold with 6 spd Transmission.  It is a direct replacement for the ATD or BEW.  NO TURBO, a 6spd Transmission Code DRW. The miles on this unit package are unknown. it was a 2006 model. Package deal 2999.00 being sold AS IS for this price. You want to discuss further ring me 909-391-6979

ASZ: 131 HP & 229 Ft. Lbs. of Torque SAME AS ATD OR BEW AMERICAN

Call for more info 760-241-9504

Article # TH 658
$ 2499.00
TH 658
VW 1900 TDI ALH W. AC Complete running used engine

1900 TDI ALH engine w. AC. engine for 1999 thru 2004 Golf, Jetta, Beetle, Passat.   Call for more information. Low Miles taken from a running vehicle in Germany. GREAT PRICE ON THIS ONE.

Miles: 52,300

3 month warranty 


Article # TH 659
$ 2299.00
TH 659
VW 1900 TDI Complete Engine 1999-2004

1900 TDI Vw complete good used engine with AC. Great for the replacement on your 1999 through 2004 model Jetta, Passat, new Beetle and some Audi models. if your doing a conversion call me we can discuss futher. This is a great engine came out of running vehicle in Germany.

Miles: 85,100

3 Month warranty 


Article # TH 660
$ 2099.00
TH 660
VW 1900 TDI: 110 HP Code ASV Complete Used

VW 1900 TDI 110 Horsepower Engine: This is an ASV code with is the same as the ALV 90 HP style You can buy it 

$2099.00 AS IS

$2499.00 3 Month warranty


Article # TH 661
Sale Item
$ 1399.00
TH 661
SALE VW 1900 TDI Longblock. Complete Used, Jetta, Golf, Beetle

Volkswagen ALH Longblock  No Turbo, No manifold, No injection pump. This is sold as a longblock so the other parts are extras and free to use or not.

AS IS no warranty.

Any questions please call ASAP.


Article # TH 662
$ 1899.00
TH 662
VW 1900 TDI Longblock Only AJM 115 HP 210 Torque

VW 1900 TDI Longblock Only. This is the European Version with the 115 HP w. 210 ft. lbs. of torque. This engine is the same as the BEW.

66, 400 Miles

$2199.00 with 3 month warranty

$1899.00 AS IS

You choose.



Article # TH 663
$ 2399.00
TH 663
TDI VW 1900 Engine. European Version 115 HP

 VW 1900 TDI Engine 115 HP AJM Same as BEW

This is a hec of an engine VW 1900 TDI Code AJM European Version. Same as the BEW but with more HP and Torque (BEW 101 HP 177 torque). Call we can discuss further and make sure this will suit your swap. offered with a warranty and without you choose how you want to buy on this engine. Call for more info 909-391-6979

115 HP

210 Torque

Miles: 61,100

3 Month warranty $2799.00

AS IS $2399.00

Call for info: 909-391-6979


Article # TH 664
$ 1899.00
TH 664
1900 TDI VW Engine Complete: Used

VW 1900 TDI Engine. The engine does come with the pump but NO TURBO. This is an AGR engine which is the same as an ALH 1900 TDI Engine. This is the European version. No problem to install in replacement of the ALH. This came out of a running vehicle with very low miles 56,700. Call we can discuss your needs and get you what is best suited for your VW application or the conversion you may be working on.  YOU CHOOSE THE WAY YOU WANT TO BUY. $1899.00 AS IS  760-241-9504

Miles: 56,700

3 Month Warranty $2199.00

AS IS $1899.00


Article # TH 665
Sale Item
$ 1799.00
TH 665
SALE VW 1900 TDI Engine: AJM 115 HP

This is a complete AJM Engine. It is same as the BEW but has 115 HP and 210 Ft. Lbs of torque. So this would be a good choice for the price to upgrade your existing BEW or other application if you are mechanically inclined. Our MECHANICS SPECIAL of the week. This is one way to get an engine at a better price. It does have a broken mounting hole. Call me we can discuss futher 909-391-6979. I am selling this unit AS IS. NO TURBO. Call me for more info.

115 HP

210 Ft. Lbs. of Torque

Code: AJM

71,300 Miles


Article # TH 666
$ 1899.00
TH 666
VW 1900 TDI Passat 2000 & Up Code: ATJ: 130 HP

2000 Passat and later 1900 TDI engine 130 Horsepower, ATJ Code. LOW MILES, VERY LOW MILES. If you need to get your Passat on the road HERE YOU GO.

Miles: 55,200

I am going to sell this AS IS $1899.00. If you want it with a warranty it will cost you more but  will do it call me. It just seems everyone wants cheap but I cannot give my stuff away. I pay alot to find the vehicles in Germany, go there, buy, transport, drop the stuff, load the container, get it here, unload, seperate, clean, look over, etc. before put into inventory.

Call for more info. 760-241-9504



Article # TH 667
$ 1499.00
TH 667
VW 1900 TDI: AHF 110 HP used longblock w. pump

VW 1900 TDI used longblock w. pump. You can use in the 1999 and later VW applications. Call me for more info: 760-241-9504

This is a AHF same as the ASV which is the same as the ALH. This has 110 HP w. 173 Ft. Lbs of torque.

Miles 56,700

You choose

AS IS $1499.00

3 month warranty 1999.00

Article # TH 668
$ 1599.00
TH 668
VW 1900 TDI Longblock Used: ALH

VW 1900 TDI Used Longblock.

Code ALH

Miles: 90,700

3 month warranty

Article # TH 669
$ 2550.00
TH 669
VW 1900 TDI Engine AXR w. ECU

NO TURBO on this VW 1900 TDI engine. It does come with The ECU for those doing a conversion. This is an AXR code which is a replacement for the ATD or the BEW if that is what you have. Just call me we can discuss in detail 909-391-6979


Miles: 59,400

3 Month warranty

Article # TH 670
$ 2499.00
TH 670
Complete 1900 TDI ALH Engine W. AC

This is a clean, EXCELLENT RUNNER. So if you need the VW 1900 TDI ALH engine that came in the 99-2004 Jetta, Passat, Golf, Audi, New Beetle. THIS IS THE ONE YOU WANT. Call for more info: 760-241-9504

Miles: 54,700

3 month warranty 



Article # TH 671
$ 1599.00
TH 671
AUDI A3 Engine: No Turbo. Used complete

Audi A3: This came out of an Audi A3 and is the AGR engine code. It is the same as the ALH engine. The two turbos are different. This price does not include the Turbo if you need it that is extra. This is a Great running engine.

Miles: 46,200

3 Month Warranty $1999.00

AS IS $1599.00


Article # TH 672
$ 2599.00
TH 672
VW 1900 TDI AHF 110 Horsepower

1900 TDI Good used complete VW Engine AHF which is the same as the ALH but with 110 HP. This particular engine came out of an Automatic VW . Low Miles. Godd running vehicle.

110 HP

173 Ft. Lbs.Torque

Miles: 64,300

3 Month Warranty

Article # TH 673
$ 1399.00
TH 673
VW 1900 TDI ALH used Longblock

VW 1900 TDI used Longblock: ALH for the 1999- 2004 VW Jetta, Golf, Passat, New Beetle, Audi.

Call for more info 760-241-9504

AS IS $1399.00





Article # TH 674
Sale Item
$ 2099.00
TH 674
SALE Vw 1900 TDI Engine: AXR

BEW OR ATD or AXR: This is a very low mileage engine Miles: 52,000. VW 1900 TDI, No turbo on this engine. You choose how you want to purchase with or without warranty.

3 Month warranty2559.00

AS IS 2099.00

Same as ATD & BEW

VW 1900 TDI


Article # TH 675
$ 2299.00
TH 675
VW 1900 TDI Pumpe Deuse Engine: Same as BEW , ATD

1900 TDI PD Engine this is a 115 HP engine. This is a European engine which is the same as the ATD and BEW. No turbo on the engine. This will not work for the Passat style. Call we can discuss further. The oil pan would need to be changed. There is no flywheel on the engine either. Check out the video. 909-391-6979


Miles: 50,600

3 month warranty

Article # TH 676
$ 2559.00
TH 676
Vw 1900 TDI Engine: ATD= BEW No turbo

Miles: 51,700

3 Month warranty

Article # TH 677
$ 1999.00
TH 677
VW 1900 TDI ALH Engine w. computer and harness USED

VW TDI 1900 Good Used ALH Engine,with the ECU-Computer and the engine harness. All used. All in great shape. Clean engine.  Call me if your interested lets talk details $1999.00 AS IS or you can buy with a warranty for $2399.00

90 Horsepower

155 Ft. Lbs of Torque

Miles: 81,200

AS IS $1999.00

3 Month warranty $2399.00

CALL US FOR MORE INFO 760-241-9504

Article # TH 678
$ 2559.00
TH 678
Vw 1900 TDI Engine: AXR

Miles: 54,160

3 Month warranty

No Turbo

Same as ATD & BEW

Article # TH 679
Sale Item
$ 1699.00
TH 679
SALE VW 1900 TDI Engine ALH Complete

This is a complete VW 1900 TDI engine. These came in the 1999-2004 VW models, Golf, Jetta, Passast, Beetle, Audi and are often used in conversions. Call me we can discuss if this engine is right for what you have or what you may be doing. The code is ALH. Its not the cleanest motor I have but its not filthy. I do take time to clean them up a bit as I am sure you have already noticed.

90 Horsepower

155 Ft. Lbs of Torque

Miles 87,800

AS IS 1699.00


Article # TH 680
$ 1949.00
TH 680
VW 1900 TDI: ALH Used Longblock

VW 1900 TDI Engine complete ALH: Alt. tensioner is broken.

AS IS $1949.00


Miles: 74,200

Article # TH 681
TH 681
VW 1900 TDI Engine w. AC

VW 1900 TDI Complete engine with AC. This is an ALH enigne.

3 month warranty

Article # TH 682
$ 1799.00
TH 682
VW 1900 TDI Complete Used Engine: ALH

VW 1900 TDI Complete used engine: ALH: Needs some TLC but this would be the Mechanics Special. No Turbo. Sold AS IS

Miles: 81,200


Your diamond in the rough.


Article # TH 684
Sale Item
$ 1299.00
TH 684
SALE VW 1900 TDI Engine ALH Longblock used

ALH VW 1900 TDI LONGBLOCK ONLY. I am sellling this AS IS to offer an option of a way to get it cheaper.

90 Horsepower

155 Ft. Lbs of Torque

Code: ALH

Miles: 73,300


Article # TH 685
$ 2449.00
TH 685
VW 1900 TDI Code AXR Same as BEW

VW 1900 TDI the European version AXR  of the BEW and ATD. The oil pan is bad on it but we leave it on for transport purposes. Engine doese NOT INCLUDE THE TURBO. You will need to use yours. Call for more info we can discuss this engine futher.

Miles: 55,600

3 Month Warranty

Article # TH 686
$ 2599.00
TH 686
VW 1900 TDI engine. ATD Same as BEW

VW ATD Same as the BEW VW 1900 TDI Engine. NO TURBO. Turbo not included. this is a pretty good find. LOW MILES, great price. The BEW is not to easy to find. Call me we can discuss my inventory and which engine will be best suited as your replacement for the engine code you have. 909-391-6979

Miles: 51,300

3 Month Warranty

Article # TH 687
$ 1999.00
TH 687
VW 1900 TDI Complete Engine ALH Great Engine

ALH VW 1900 TDI Great Engine, THIS IS A VERY CLEAN engine. however it does have a small crack in the upper timing cover.Low Mileage.  Came out of a running vehicle in Germany. Great Buy. Complete VW TDI 1900 Good used call to discuss further 760-241-9504.

VW TDI Engine: ALH

90 Horsepower

155 Ft. Lbs of Torque

Code: ALH


3 Month Warranty $2499.00

AS IS $1999.00


Article # TH 688
$ 2899.00
TH 688
VW 1900 TDI Enigne 150 HP Used

VW 1900 TDI Pumpe Deuse Engine. This is the most powerful Pumpe Deuse made by VW. 150 HP. This is with the computer. THIS SALE DOES NOT INCLUDE THE TRANSMISSION. However if you want the transmission it will be an additional $400.00.

$2899.00 AS IS

$3500.00 WITH 3 Month Warranty

Code: ARL 


Article # TH 689
$ 2499.00
TH 689
VW 1900 TDI BEW/ATD/ AXR codes


VW 1900 TDI AXR  Same as ATD & BEW, No turbo TURBO  WILL BE REMOVED BEFORE SHIPPING. Bad valve cover on this engine other then that very nice engine. European version of the ATD & BEW very popular choice. Call me we can discuss the details 909-391-6979 Came in various VW models from 99-2004 The Jetta, Passat, New Beetle used also in some conversions. call for more info 909-391-6979

Horsepower 101

Torque: 177

51,900 Miles

Code: AXR

3 Month Warranty


Article # TH 690
$ 2799.00
TH 690
VW 1900 TDI: ASZ. w. computer used engine

VW 1900 TDI used complete engine with the computer. It is pretty clean. the Code is ASZ and will replace the BEW or the ATD engine code. Call me for more info. 131 Horsepower.

Miles: 61,100

3 Month warranty 


Article # TH 691
$ 1799.00
TH 691
1900 TDI VW engine for VW & LINDE FORKLIFT

VW 1900 TDI AGR = ALH Engine for the VW or the linde Forklift. You CHOOSE HOW TO BUY IT.

Without turbo $ 2099.00 w. 3 month warranty

Without Turbo Without Warranty AS IS 1799.00

59,800  Miles

Also fits Linde Forklift. you can buy it with the turbo with 3 month warranty $2400.00.

With the Turbo Without the warranty AS IS 2099.00

Came in various VW applications and is used in various conversions.

Code is AGR which is equal to the ALH. This one is also used for LINDE FORKLIFT



Article # TH 692
Sale Item
$ 1299.00
TH 692
SALE VW 1900 TDI Longblock only: Used

VW 1900 TDI Used Longblock: ALH. This is a great way to go if you have your old engine and just need the longblock. Not to often I have just the longblock to offer.

Miles: 68,800

AS IS No warranty

Article # TH 693
$ 1399.00
TH 693
1900 TDI Used Longblock 1999-2004

VW 1900 TDI: ALH Longblock. Here you go if you threw a timing belt or your head is bad and suffered some damage. This is all you need. Transfer your other components over and be done. Great price. Great Miles. INJECTORS ARE NOT INCLUDED in this sale of this longblock. (Ex. SDI). Came in 1999-2004 VW models. Call for more info we can discuss further.

Miles: 60,200

LONGBLOCK ONLY does not include injectors AS IS $1399.00

With the 3 month warranty $1599.00


Article # TH 694
$ 2199.00
TH 694
TDI VW 1900 Engine: ALH Used

VW 1900 TDI: ALH Clean w. AC, This is a Strong Runner and very clean almost no oxidation which is weird since they all have it....its Germany after all. This is your choice you can buy with or without the warranty. This is one way I can offer you some savings. YOU CHOOSE.

49, 800 Miles,

$2199.00 AS IS or

$2499.00 w. 3 month warranty

Call for more info 760-241-9504

Article # TH 695
$ 1899.00
TH 695
VW 1900 TDI Used Engine: ALH with AC

Vw 1900 TDI engine complete Used with AC. LOW MILES FROM A PULL OUT IN GERMANY. This is a Great Strong running engine.You choose how you want to buy it with or without warranty. This is Great for the Jetta, Golf, Beetle. Used in some conversions. Call for more info.

Code: ALH

Miles: 50,100

3 Month Warranty $2299.00

AS IS $1899.00


Article # TH 696
$ 2449.00
TH 696
Vw TDI 1900 Engine w. AC: Used engine

VW 1900 TDI Complete used engine w. AC. This is an ALH. They came in 1999-2004 model VW's and are used in various conversions. Boy have we seen some things. Call me we can discuss this engine a bit more 909-391-6979. Three mounts, the oil pan is bad on it but will stay on it for shipping purposes. You must change it. I am selling this engine as is no warranty for those who always say "Anything Cheaper?" Here you go.

Miles: 73,200


Article # TH 697
$ 1699.00
TH 697

Vw 1900 TDI longblock used. Does come with the pump but not a turbo. This is a longblock sale any extras are just there. Call we can discuss in more detail. this is an ALH VW 1900 TDI with low miles

Miles: 77,300

Code: ALH

3 month warranty $1999.00

AS IS No warranty: 1699.00