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VW Early 1900cc (1.9) TDI MK3 Series
VW Early 1900cc (1.9) TDI MK3 Series
VW 1900 TDI: 1Z/AHU & AFN Engines

VW 1900 TDI: 1Z/AHU Engine and the 1900 TDI AFN Engine. These are directly imported  low mileage Used Complete Running engines with a 3 month warranty unless otherwise stated. These engines were used in the MK3 Series 1995-1998 Jetta, Passat.  They may be used in Various Vw applications as well as various conversions. Please call me and we can discuss what would best suit your VW need 760-241-9504. Prices subject to change without notice.

1900 TDI 1Z/AHU is 90 HP @ 4000 RPM and 150 Ft. lbs of Torque @ 1900 RPM,  

1900 TDI AFN is 110 HP @ 4150 RPM and 175 ft. lbs. of torque @ 1900 RPM.

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Article # TH 600
$ 1999.00
TH 600
VW 1900 TDI W. AC: Complete Used 95-98

VW Jetta, VW Passat complete 1900 Turbo Diesel engine. This has AC and is fairly cleaner then many I get from Germany. Low Miles. You choose how you want to buy with or without warranty. This came in the 1995 thru 1998 Passat and Jetta. 90 Horsepower, 149 Ft. Lbs. of Torque. Call for more info.

AS IS $1999.00

With 3 Month warranty $2399.00


Article # TH 601
$ 2299.00
TH 601
VW 1900 TDI Used complete engine: 1Z

TDI used complete VW 1900 engine: 1Z No alternator you can use yours. Runs great. This one is very clean. Nice engine. Call with any questions 760-241-9504

3 month warranty


Article # TH 603
$ 2299.00
TH 603
TDI VW 1900 Engine Jetta: Passat Conversions

TDI VW 1900 Engine complete 1Z. These came in the Jetta and Passat 1995-1998. Used in various conversions. This one is dirty but a great runner, it is rusty but they all are from Germany. This one has AC. 

Miles: 74,300

Call for more information 760-241-9504



Article # TH 604
$ 1999.00
TH 604
TDI VW used engine Jetta-Passat

1999.00 AS IS

2299.00 with a 3 month warranty

W TDI 1900 complete used engine: 1Z: The alternator is broken you can use yours. It was dirty

Miles: 75,200

3 Month warrantry

Article # TH 605
$ 1799.00
TH 605
VW 1900 TDI Engine: Complete Used 1Z/ AHU

VW 1900 TDI Complete Used Engine; 1Z/AHU 1995-1998 Jetta & Passat. HP 90, Torque 149. This engine is also used for Various conversions such as Vanagon and Samurai and others. This upper timing cover has a hole. This engine is being sold AS IS. Call for more info afer you watch the video. 760-241-9504

Miles: 77,400


Article # TH 607
$ 2399.00
TH 607
1900 TDI with AC: VW Jetta-Passat 1995-1998

This is a complete VW 1900 TDI W. AC. 1Z/AHU  This is a good runner. This is a used engine from Germany it is dirty. Will work in various VW applications and used for conversions. Call me with any questions you may have we can discuss if this is suited for your project. 909-391-6979

Miles: 83,600

3 Month Warranty

Article # TH 608
$ 2149.00
TH 608
VW 1900 TDI: 1Z/AHU Complete Engine

Vw 1900 TDI complete good running engine. 1Z/AHU. This is a Good used engine from a car that was running in Germany. It is dirty and the timing cover is cracked. Call me to discuss this engine futher.  Will work for Various Vw applications as well as conversions. 909-391-6979

Miles: 88,400

3 Month Warranty

Article # TH 609
$ 1499.00
TH 609
VW 1900 TDI: 1Z complete engine: Used

1900 Passat engine

1900 Jetta engine: used complete the 1Z, No alternator, Dirty

Miles: 76,100

1499.00 AS IS

2299.00 with a 3 month warranty

Call for more information 760-241-9504

Article # TH 613
$ 1999.00
TH 613
VW 1900 TDI With AC: Complete Used 1Z or AHU

 VW 1900 TDI 1Z AHU Complete Used Engine with the AC. Directly imported FRom Germany and has low miles. 69,200. You can choose which way you would like to purchase with or without a warranty

3 Month Warranty $2299.00

AS IS $1999.00



Article # TH 614
$ 2039.300
TH 614
VW 1900 TDI AFN/1Z Turbo on it with AC

VW 1900 TDI Complete engine: the Code is AFN with a 1 Z turbo. This engine does have AC. This is a nice running engine with low miles Call for more info. Great for your Golf, Passat, Beetle and used in various conversions. 760-241-9504

Miles: 66400

You choose

with warranty: $2349.00 3 Month Warranty

AS IS $2039.00

Article # TH 622
TH 622
Article # TH 623
TH 623
Article # 028 105 243T
$ 109.00
028 105 243T
Vibration Dampner VW 1.9 TDI 1Z/AHU, AFN
Harmonic Balancer
1.9 TDI Harmonic Balancer . 028 105- 243 T

This is a NEW FEBI GERMAN UNIT... Not chinese, not used. NEW GERMAN. I do not have many so get it while you can. Great price. The Vibration Dampner ofte referred to as the Harmonic Balancer Or crankshaft pulley for the VW 1900 TDI.  This unit fits of to the 1998 model engines 1Z, AHU, AFN.

1993-1999 Golf, 1993 thru 1999 Jetta, 1992 thru 1997 Passat. Fits the AAZ TD also call we can discuss in more detail if needed  909-391-6979



OEM: 028 105 243 / 028105243