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VW 1600cc (1.6) Turbo Diesel Vanagon
VW 1600cc (1.6) Turbo Diesel Vanagon
VW 1600 Turbo Diesel VANAGON

VW 1600 Turbo Diesel VANAGON engines. These are complete running engines directly imported from Germany. Prices vary depending on exchange rate in Germany and mileage. This engine is an improvement of at least 50% from the 1.9 and 2.1 watercooled gas engine in your Vanagon. This is the engine for LIFE ON THE SLOW LANE. 69 HP: 98 ft. lbs. of torque. Please call me to discuss options and details for use in your VW application or conversion. 760-241-9504 Prices subject to change without notice. Again prices are reflective of purchase price in Germany at any given time Euro vs. $

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Article # TAKE NOTE
Closed All December

We are closed the entire month of December in observance of CHRISTMAS every year.

Article # TH 500
$ 2299.00
TH 500
Vanagon 1600 TD VW Engine w. VW 4 spd Transmission

Turbo Diesel VW Vanagon complete Engine and transmission. The VANAGON 1600 Turbo Diesel with the 4 spd Transmssion. The code on the transmission is ABH. Engine is complete except there are no carrier bars. Engine smokes. This is great for you if you are doing a conversion on your vanagon. Great Package. I can advise further for whatever you may be doing. If you are mechanically inclined it is priced right. MECHANICS SPECIAL

69 HP- 98 Ft. Lbs. of Torque

Miles: 128,700


Article # 501
$ 2249.00

VW Vanagon Turbo Diesel 1600: , Vanagon Turbo Diesel Complete Engine. Good Runner, THIS IS HARD TO FIND nowadays in Germany. but I just got this in. LOW MILES & comes with a serpentine belt. No carrier bars (they are available). Call for more info we can discuss in detail 909-391-6979

69 HP 98 Ft. Lbs. of Torque.

 $ 2249.00

Miles: 68,900

3 Month Warranty

Article # TH 502
$ 2399.00
TH 502
VW 1600 TD Vanagon Complete used Engine

VW Vanagon 1600 TD complete engine: Used from Germany does come with the carrier bars which are used. NICE RUNNER. The muffler is bad.  Call me to discuss furhter after you have watched the video.

Miles: 88,700

3 Month warranty

Article # 068 115 105 BP
$ 179.99
068 115 105 BP
Diesel Vanagon & Turbo Diesel Vanagon Oil Pump
Vw Diesel Oil pump
Vanagon Diesel & Turbo Diesel oil pump Febi

VW Vanagon oil pump for Diesel and Turbo Diesel Vanagons. Great price, EXCELLENT quality. Not chinese. Do not skimp on this part to save a few bucks. This is a good price.


OEM: 068 115 105 / 068115105
OEM: 068 115 105 / 068115105
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Call 909-391-6979

I have various engines that can be used in the Vanagon if you are converting or have and existing Diesel or Turbo Diesel engine. Call we can discuss options and details 909-391-6979. Prices and availability on various engines does vary so do call me.

Article # TH 503
TH 503