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VW 1600cc (1.6) Turbo Diesel
VW 1600cc (1.6) Turbo Diesel
VW 1600 Turbo Diesel, 1600 TD ECO, 1600 TD High Output

Our VW 1600 Turbo Diesel, VW 1600 Turbo Diesel ECO and VW 1600 Turbo Diesel High Output engines are complete used running engines with low miles. All our units are taken from running vehicles and imported directly from Germany. Engines are priced according to mileage, purchase prices Euro vs. Dollar and various extras.

These engines  can be used in various VW applications (Jetta, Passat, Golf, Cabrio, Rabbit, VANAGON and the Caddy) and are often used for Samurai conversions as well as many others.

The ECO version does NOT have a load enrichment valve on the injection pump. It accelerates a little slower but uses LESS FUEL, so it is perfect for those concerned with gas mileage. THEY ALSO RUN ON BIODIESEL OR VEGGIE OIL!

The HIGH OUTPUT version is the pinnacle of the TD series; they came in the Golf GTD and the Passat. This type of engine require an intercooler and the turbo is water-cooled. They are easily tuneable up to 100 HP. (We do sell inter coolers seperately if you need one)

VW 1600cc Turbo Diesel

  • 69 HP @ 4500 RPM
  • 98 ft lbs. of torque @ 2500-2900 RPM

VW 1600cc Turbo Diesel ECO

  • 65 Hp @ 4500 RPM
  • 90 ft. lbs of torque @ 2400-2600 RPM

VW 1600cc Turbo Diesel High Output

  • 80 Hp @ 4500 RPM

Please contact us at 760-241-9504 to discuss your options and what would best suit your VW application or conversion. Prices subject to change without notice. Prices are reflective of what the purchase price for us Euro vs. $ at given time.

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Article # TH 452
$ 1629.00
TH 452
1600 VW Turbo Diesel ECO used complete engine

VW 1600 ECO Turbo Diesel Engine Rated 2 8-7-19 No AL, Rusty, K14 Turbo

89,700 miles


3 month warranty



Article # TH 453
$ 1999.00
TH 453
1600 Turbo Diesel VW engine: Used 70 HP

Vw 1600 TD 70 horsepowe engine. This is complete, the alternator is not there. This is a STRONG RUNNER, do ont let the ugly fool you on this one.  Their weather is a bit different from our a CA winter. Any questions please ring me. This engine is great for your VW application or a Conversion that you may be working on. 760-241-9504


Article # TH 454
$ 1799.00
TH 454
Turbo Diesel VW 1600 used engine 70 horse power

VW 1600 TD 70 HP has a Garrett T3 Turbo, No alternator. Call for more info 760-241-9504

91,600 miles,



Call for more info 760-241-9504

Article # TH 455
$ 1699.00
TH 455
VW 1600 TD used complete engine

VW 1600 TD 70 HP, Alternator Bad, Pulley rusty, Garrett Turbo T3, used complete engine

Miles: 96,700



Article # TH 457
$ 2199.00
TH 457
VW 1600 Turbo Diesel Complete Engine Used

Vw 1600 Turbo Diesel complete running engine this one is a Good Runner and does not look to bad if your more concerned with how it runs this is a good one. I get the engines from Germany all of them from running vehicles. They are not as easy to come by lately.

Garrett T2 Turbo Great for vanagon clears the left side motor mount without modification. So many of my conversion guys like this one. Great for other applications Is a bigger turbo then the K14 and has more boost later. Call me we can discuss futher. Great engine.

70 HP @ 4500 RPM

98 lbs. of Torque @ 2500-2900 RPM

Miles 87,400

3 Month Warranty

More inco Call 909-391-6979

Article # TH 459
Sale Item
$ 1599.00
TH 459
SALE VW 1600 TD 70 HP Engine Used Complete

1600 Turbo Diesel VW engine. This one is being sold AS IS to someone who just has CHEAP on the brain. This one is a bit noisy, it is rusty and dirty No Alternator, K14 Turbo is on it. It runs and you can view the video. Any questions just ring me. 84,700 Miles decent mileage for these engines they go a long time. This would be great for you Samuari guys or for you upgrading your rabbit pick up. Great choice. call for more into on this unit 909-391-6979

70 HP @ 4500 RPM

98 lbs. of Torque @ 2500-2900 RPM

Miles: 84,700




Article # TH 460
$ 1699.00
TH 460
VW 1600 Turbo Diesel: 70 HP Used Engine

VW 1600 TD 70 HP Complete used engine. This one is being sold AS IS. This one has a K14 Turbo. No upper timing cover. Good for a Sadmurai conversion Check out the video any questions ring us 760-241-9504

Miles: 97,600


Article # TH 462
$ 1799.00
TH 462
VW 1600 TD: 70 HP used T3 Turbo:

I am selling this complete engine AS IS for those that want something cheaper and want to invest a couple hours on it. This has 70 HP, with the LDA. The turbo is a Garett T3, No alternator, No vacuum Pump, it is rusty as they mostly are they do come from germany. You can imagine a winter there. Call for more info. 760-241-9504


Miles: 84,400


Article # TH 463
$ 1599.00
TH 463
VW 1600 TD ECO Engine

VW 1600 TD ECO Engine in good running condition it has the K14 Turbo, No Alternator, its dirty but if you more interested in how it runs then looks then this is a good engine to pick. Call 909-391-6979 for more details. It sure beats that 1600 Diesel if thats what you currently have in your VW application or Samurai.

  • 65 Hp @ 4500 RPM
  • 90 ft. lbs of torque @ 2400-2600 RPM

Miles: 94,300

3 Month warranty 


Article # TH 465
$ 2159.00
TH 465
VW 1600 Turbo Diesel Complete used Engine

1600 Turbo Diesel complete running low mileage Engine imported from Germany. This motor has the LDA and no alternator, The turbo is a garrestt T3, Kind of dirty and it is a STRONG RUNNER. Great for Rabbits, Samurai, and other conversions and VW's. Call for more info.

MilesL 81,700

3 month warranty.  


Article # TH 466
$ 1799.00
TH 466
VW 1600 TD complete Used Engine: Great for Samurai conversion

1600 Turbo Diesel Used Complete VW engine: This is 70 HP with the LDA. This a good engine for Various VW's or conversions. Great choice for the Samurai. This one has the K14 Turbo. Call for more info 760-241-9504

Miles: 98,400



Article # TH 467
$ 1199.00
TH 467
VW 1600 Turbo Diesel engine 70 HP

This is a complete VW 1600 Turbo Diesel engine MECHANICS SPECIAit is runningL. Get it cheap because it does smoke I just do not have the time to go through it. Call for more info


AS IS No warranty 

Article # TH 468
$ 1899.00
TH 468
VW 1600 TD High Output engine: 80 HP: Used

 VW Turbo Diesel 1600 Complete running used engine. 80 HP. Engine SB, Garret Turbo. Has secondary line for waterpump. Pulleys are nice.  This has power steering. These are take outs from vehicles in Germany. We travel and get the best we can. You can tell we put time, effort. Our engines are not oozing with oil and dirt like most selling pull outs. Most do not invest the time we do. 

Miles: 88,900




Article # TH 469
$ 1899.00
TH 469
VW 1600 TD Complete used Engine: High Output 80 HP

VW 1600 VW Turbo Diesel Engine: Complete Used with 80 Horsepower, this is the popular HIGHOUTPUT ENGINE. GTD. This has the Garret T2 Turbo on it. Good runner. Call for more info after you watch the video. 760-241-9504

Miles: 93,200




Article # TH 470
$ 1549.00
TH 470
1600 VW Turbo Diesel Used complete Engine: 70 HP

VW 1600 TD complete used engine. This has a small crack on the alternator. You can use yours. This one has a Garret T3 Turbo. It is a bit rusty as many are they are directly imported from Germany. They have weather that explains it, does not determine the strength of an engine just its looks.  Call us for more information 760-241-9504

Miles: 97,800


Article # TH 473
$ 1599.00
TH 473
Turbo Diesel VW 1600 Engine: Used Complete

 VW 1600 TD complete used engine for various VW engines. This engine has a T3 Turbo, the Alternator is cracked, dipstick tube bad, dirty. This is an engine being sold AS IS for those that ask how can I get this engine cheaper. Well you can buy it without a warranty. We have been doing this since 1984. 760-241-9504

Miles: 93,200


Article # TH 474
$ 1399.00
TH 474
VW 1600 TD ECO Complete Engine: Used

 VW 1600 Turbo Diesel Complete used ECO Diesel. These are scarse as are many VW engines in Germany. this has a K14 Turbo. 

Miles: 99,700


Article # TH 475
$ 1799.00
TH 475
VW Turbo Diesel 1600 Engine.

Vw 1600 Turbo diesel complete used engine. Has a Garrett T2 Turbo on it. The engine is rusty as they are from Germany. A pull out from a running car.  This is a bigger turbo with more boost later and my Vanagon guys seem to love it most because there is no modification needed at the left side engine mount. Customers always ask if I have anything cheaper. Well here you go no warranty is one way to get it like that. Mechanically inclined thrifty consumers usually like this option. Call for more info. Check out the video. 909-391-6979. I am selling this one AS IS

Miles: 91,200 




Article # TH 476
Sale Item
$ 1299.00
TH 476
SALE Vw 1600 TD 70 HP Engine: Complete, Used

VW 1600 TD 70 horsepower. This a great engine for someone who is a mechanic and wants to get something cheap and fix themselves to make money on it or fix up your own Vw a little more cheaply. No Alternator it was an ECO engine so the injectors are a little smaller but the owner swapped it to the 70 Hp injection pump. So the pump probably needs some tuning or the injectors to be honest. So then you will be set. I just do not have the time to put into it right this minute so HERE YOU GO this is a good deal. WATCH THE VIDEO and I am selling it as is MECHANICS SPECIAL. Call for more info. 909-391-6979.

Miles: 91,700



Article # TH 480
$ 1749.00
TH 480
VW 1600 Turbo Diesel 70 HP Engine

1600 VW  TD 70 Horsepower Engine. Has a Garrett Turbo on it, The pulleys are rusty, It is a decent runner but could use some TLC. I am selling this AS IS for those who want this style engine cheaper. Great for Various Vw applications and conversions. Call for more info. 909-391-6979

70 HP @ 4500 RPM

98 lbs. of Torque @ 2500-2900 RPM

Miles: 91,400