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VW 1600cc (1.6) 1900cc (1.9) Diesel Natural Asperated
VW 1600cc (1.6) 1900cc (1.9) Diesel Natural Asperated
VW 1600 & 1900 Diesel Natural Aspirated Engine

Our VW 1600cc & 1900cc NA Diesel engines are complete running engines with low miles. All our units are taken from running vehicles and imported directly from Germany. Engines are priced according to mileage and various extras.

These units can be used in various VW applications (Jetta, Passat, Golf, Cabrio, Fox, VANAGON, Rabbit pick up and the Caddy) and are often used for Samurai conversions.

The 1900cc diesel Natural Aspirated engine is the most powerful VW diesel without a turbo.

  • 68 HP @ 4400 RPM
  • 94 ft lbs. of torque @ 2000-3000 RPM

The 1600cc Diesel Natural Aspirated

  • 54 HP @ 4800 RPM
  • 74 ft lbs. of torque @ 2300-2900 RPM

Please contact us at 760-241-9504 to discuss your options and what would best suit your VW application. Our inventory changes daily. We do our best to keep the site updated however we suggest you call to double check availability and prices. Prices subject to change without notice. Prices are reflective of what the Euro purchase price is at any given time. Euro vs. $


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Article # TH 400
$ 799.00
TH 400
VW 1600 NA Diesel Used: Solid Lifters

VW 1600 NA Diesel complete Engine: solid Lifters, with early mount, Pulley Bad, No upper timing cover. This is being sold AS IS for those of you who want cheaper. Some TLC will be this engines get up and go. Fits your VW Rabbit Pick up guys happy with 54 HP and 74 Ft. Lbs of Torque this is what you get. You want more check out our 1900 NA diesel. Always happy to help you choose what suits your need.

Miles: 99,800

Call us 760-241-9504 


Article # TH 401
$ 1299.00
TH 401
VW 1600 Diesel complete engine:

1600 VW diesel Natural aspirated enigne. This is a complete engine running with Hydraulic lifters. No aircleaner, w. 4 spd transmission and starter. This engine does have the rabbit engine mount. Call me we can discuss your VW application this is a good buy to get your VW diesel back on the road with the motor and trans at a good price. 1299.00

Miles: 96,400

3 month warranty on the engine and transmission


Article # TH 402
Sale Item
$ 799.00
TH 402
SALE VW 1600 Diesel Engine complete running engine

1600 VW Diesel Engine: This is a used VW 1600 diesel complete engine.  The engine does not have an alternator on it but you can use yours, Timing cover has a hole in it. This is a hydraulic style engine and used in varous VW applications, very popular for the Rabbit. Also some choose this for a moderate conversion appliaction. Call we can always advise. AS IS for those who ask "Anything cheaper" This is a great choice for the mechanically inclined individual that likes to take things from the Great Frind stage to fantastic.  Thanks for viewing our ad. Your more then welcome to come in and check out the engine or call 760-241-9504 for more information.

  • 54 HP @ 4800 RPM
  • 74 ft lbs. of torque @ 2300-2900 RPM


Miles: 91,600 


Article # TH 403
$ 1099.00
TH 403
Diesel VW 1600 Complete running engine

VW Diesel 1600 Engine, complete runner. This does not have the alternator. You can use yours or ask I may have one for you. Engines are imported from Germany so usually rust is a given. Good runner, watch the video. If you have any questions call us 760-241-9504. Thank you for viewing our ad. This engine is a drop in replacement for that tired Diesel or used in other conversion applications. If you are interested in an upgrade from this slow version/stock version of the VW diesel look at the 1900 Diesel.

Miles: 80,400

3 month warranty 


Article # TH 404
$ 1299.00
TH 404
VW 1600 Diesel Engine complete used

VW diesel 1600 engine. This one is deceaving. GREAT RUNNER, looks are deceiving on this one. Come on in check it out or watch the Video. Is not a looker but sure is a runner. Great price for the miles. Used for the Rabbit pick up and various other VW models and conversions. It has hydraulic lifters, the rabbit engine mount. Low miles. Call for more info 760-241-9504

Miles: 77,400

3 month warranty 


Article # TH 405
$ 1199.00
TH 405
VW 1600 Diesel Engine: Hydraulic

VW 1600 Diesel: Hydraulic

Complete engine: 3 month warranty. Call for more info 760-241-9504


Miles: 90-100


Article # TH 406
$ 499.00
TH 406
VW 1500 Diesel used engine

VW 1500 Diesel complete engine. This is a complete engine there is a bit of blow by, the alternator bracket is broken, the miles are unknown, Mechanics special.  Questions ring 760-241-9504. Check out the video.


Mechanics special


Article # TH 408
$ 1199.00
TH 408
VW 1600 Diesel Natural Aspirated Engine

1600 VW Diesel NA, Hydraulic lifters. Good used Good running, Great looking complete engine. If you looking for a replacement engine for your rabbit or rabbit pick up diesel you should seriously consider THIS ONE. This has the MK1 motor mount on it. This is probably one of the nicest looking good running engines I have got from a running car in Germany in a while. As you can see if you looked at some of the others. The climate in Germany makes a difference but also makes a big difference if its in a garagel  There is a 150.00 deposit extra if you do not trade in a diesel motor mount at the time of the purchase. QUESTIONS RING ME 909-391-6979 to discuss your vw application or the conversion you are doing.

  • 54 HP @ 4800 RPM
  • 74 ft lbs. of torque @ 2300-2900 RPM

Miles: 84,400

3 Month Warranty 


Article # TH 410
$ 849.00
TH 410
Diesel 1600 VW engine used complete

Diesel VW 1600 Engine: This engine has hydraulic lifters, good runner, it is inline, call for more info to discuss further your VW application or the conversion you may be working on. This engine is being sold AS IS.

Miles: 89,600




Article # TH 412
$ 1199.00
TH 412
VW 1600 NA Diesel: Used Complete

VW 1600 Diesel Complete engine Natural Aspirated. No Alternator on this one, the front motor mount is on it. So we will need your exchange if you have yours, or we can take ours off. (+150.00). This is a bit rusty as they all are.

Miles: 86,400

3 Month warranty

Please call for more info: 760-241-9504


Article # TH 414
$ 1149.00
TH 414
1600 VW Diesel engine: Hydraulic lifters: Used

VW 1600 Diesel complete engine. This one is Hydraulic lifters, the pulley is rusty and bent, use yours or ask me I may have a replacement if you like. Call me for more infor 760-241-9504

Miles: 87,500

3 Month warranty


Article # TH 415
$ 1299.00
TH 415
VW 1600 NA Diesel: Hydraulic Used Complete

1600 VW Diesel complete engine. Hydraulic lifters: STRONG RUNNER, CLEAN. Best one he has got in a long time from Germany. Call me for more info. This is a nice engine if you just want to replace that 1600 Diesel in your Rabbit, Caddy, VW Rabbit Pick up. 760-241-9504

Miles: 64,300

3 Month warranty


Article # TH 418
Sale Item
$ 799.00
TH 418
SALE VW 1600 Diesel Engine AS IS

This is a good used VW 1600 Diesel Natural Aspirated Engine. it is complete Engine.This is a solid lifter engine. I am selling this one as a fixer upper it does have a slight miss at High RPM. so some tweeks you should be fine. I just do not have time to fiddle faddle so here you go. A mechanics Special. A cheap engine that runs but needs some TLC. Here is a video, see for yourself.

  • 54 HP @ 4800 RPM
  • 74 ft lbs. of torque @ 2300-2900 RPManics special. AS IS. Questions after watching the video ring me up. 909-391-6979


Miles: 90,000

AS IS No warranty

Article # TH 421
Sale Item
$ 799.00
TH 421
SALE VW 1600 NA Diesel Engine Complete

Here is a LOW priced popular VW 1600 Diesel Engine inline style great for a Fox or Quantom. You can use for others but you will need to change a few pieces out. This engine has a slight miss and the upper timing cover is broken, there is no aircleaner. It is not a bad looking engine either and well instead of fiddling with it, I have chosen to sell it AS IS to someone who can fiddle with it themselves.  Call for more info or watch the video 909-391-6979


  • 54 HP @ 4800 RPM
  • 74 ft lbs. of torque @ 2300-2900 RPM

Miles: 93,200

AS IS no warranty, this is a way we give those who ask "anything cheaper?"

Article # TH 425
$ 1799.00
TH 425
VW 1900 NA Diesel Engine complete used

RABBIT/RABBIT PICK UP GUYS....THIS IS FOR YOU. This is a clean STRONG RUNNER.  Get more horsepower and ft. lbs and torque. This is a direct drop in to replace that 1600 diesel. You love your pick up or your Rabbit. You will love this engine. The Alternator connector is broken on it, not a big deal use yours. Watch the video. Any questions ring us. 760-241-9504

Miles: 71,200

3 month warranty

Article # TH 426
$ 1799.00
TH 426
VW 1900 Diesel NA complete Engine

1900 Diesel VW engine complete. Low Miles, 3 month warranty. This is a pretty clean engine. Good runner. Watch the video if you have any questions call me.

Miles: 78,900

3 month warranty 


Article # TH 428
$ 1799.00
TH 428
VW Diesel 1900 NA engine complete used

1900 Diesel engine: Natural Aspirated. Complete used. It is a bit rusty as they all are. We import our engines from Germany so yeah that weather gets to them a bit more then ours. This has the late pump. Great for upgrading that 1600 dog of a diesel. Get a little bit more HP and torque. Cal lfor more info.

Miles: 66,700

3 month warranty

Article # TH 429
$ 1799.00
TH 429
1900 Diesel engine STRONG RUNNER

VW 1900 Diesel natural aspirated complete engine w a V-Belt Pulley, its a little rusty as usual, STRONG RUNNER. This will be a great choice for any of you Rabbit Pick up guys who are ready for some more horsepower and bottom end torque. Direct replacement. Call me for more info.

Miles: 69,900

3 month warranty

LOW MILES.... remember some of these have been known to to 300,000 plus.

Thank you. 


Article # TH 432
$ 1749.00
TH 432
VW Rabbit Pick Up Diesel Engine Used 1900

VW Rabbit Pick up 1900 Diesel engine. Swap from that 1600 diesel to this 1900. More horsepower and torque. You can move from the slowest lane....that might be fun. Getting from point A to B a little more quickly. Call me 760-241-9504.

Miles: 77,900

3 Month warranty

Article # TH 434
$ 1699.00
TH 434

VW 1900 Diesel NA engine. This is a complete STRONG RUNNER Great Choice for a replacment in to your Rabbit. Great for a moderate Samurai.  WATCH the video, call us with any questions. Brought from germany from a pull out that was well taken care of. There is a small crack on the upper timing cover so just swap yours. This is a nice engine. 760-241-9504

Miles: 77,700

3 Month warranty;jj


Article # TH 435
$ 1599.00
TH 435
VW 1900 NA Used Complete Engine

VW 1900 Diesel Natural Aspirated Engine complete. Rated 1 2-21-17. Late pump. No upper or ower timing cover. You can swap yours onto the motor. If not let me know I may have them available for sale.  760-241-9504

Miles: 88,700

3 Month warranty 



Article # TH 436
$ 1649.00
TH 436
1900 Rabbit Vw diesel Engine: used complete

VW 1900 Diesel complete engine. Swap out that dog of a 1600 Diesel engine for more horsepower and torque. You will enjoy driving your Vw a bit more. Direct replacement, no hassle. Low miles. Great price. Call me for more info: This engine is a nice runner, not the prettiest. 760-241-9504

3 Month warranty 


Article # TH 437
Sale Item
$ 1659.00
TH 437

VW 1900 Diesel Natural Aspirated Engine: STRONG RUNNER. nice looking to boot. Great for that upgrade on that Rabbit Pick up, VW Caddy. Get out of that slow 1600 Diesel without the hassle of a conversion. Direct replacement more horsepower more torque.

Miles: 80,200 Low miles these have been known to last upwards of 300,000

3 month warranty 


Article # TH 438
$ 1699.00
TH 438
1900 VW Diesel Engine complete:GREAT ENGINE

This is a very nice STRONG RUNNINGS VW 1900 Diesel Natural Aspirated Engine. Great choice for that VW application or maybe a moderate Samurai conversion. Want to keep costs down and get a bit more horsepower then you have in that 1600 Diesel. This is the way to go.

LOW MILES: 77,400

3 Month warranty



Article # TH 440
Sale Item
$ 1359.00
TH 440
SALE VW 1900 Diesel NA Engine

Complete good used engine.Vw 1900 NA Diesel. This one is for you MECHANICS....A MECHANICS SPECIAL. Needs some TLC. The engine is rusty and can use some cleaning. Its a german engine, good pump, good components, just dirtier and a way to pass on a engine that is CHEAPER. Some people just want to pick parts and transfer or need the head etc. This is a good one for that. I cannot even buy cores in Germany nowadays for low prices. So it is what it is. We have a little for everyone in various budgets and desires. FAIR OPTIONS. So browse and if you have any questions feel free to call for one on one customer service or come on down and see the engine for yourself and ask questilons. Either way that is us putting forth effort to accomadate todays consumer. 909-391-6979 I do have the video for this if your interested just let me know. Not enough time at times.

  • 68 HP @ 4400 RPM
  • 94 ft lbs. of torque @ 2000-3000 RPM

Miles: 96,400


No Warranty

Article # TH 442
TH 442