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VW 1600cc (1.6) 1900cc (1.9) Diesel Natural Asperated
VW 1600cc (1.6) 1900cc (1.9) Diesel Natural Asperated
VW 1600 & 1900 Diesel Natural Aspirated Engine

Our VW 1600cc & 1900cc NA Diesel engines are complete running engines with low miles. All our units are taken from running vehicles and imported directly from Germany. Engines are priced according to mileage and various extras.

These units can be used in various VW applications (Jetta, Passat, Golf, Cabrio, Fox, VANAGON, Rabbit pick up and the Caddy) and are often used for Samurai conversions.

The 1900cc diesel Natural Aspirated engine is the most powerful VW diesel without a turbo.

  • 68 HP @ 4400 RPM
  • 94 ft lbs. of torque @ 2000-3000 RPM

The 1600cc Diesel Natural Aspirated

  • 54 HP @ 4800 RPM
  • 74 ft lbs. of torque @ 2300-2900 RPM

Please contact us at 760-241-9504 to discuss your options and what would best suit your VW application. Our inventory changes daily. We do our best to keep the site updated however we suggest you call to double check availability and prices. Prices subject to change without notice. Prices are reflective of what the Euro purchase price is at any given time. Euro vs. $


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Article # THANK YOU
CALL 760-241-9504
Article # TH 400
Sale Item
$ 799.00
TH 400
SALE VW 1600 NA Diesel Used: Solid Lifters

VW Rabbit, VW Caddy, VW Rabbit Diesels.... You need some improvement from the 1500 Diesel 1980 and up? You Early Rabbit guys that enjoy that pick up but do not want to let it go and want something cheap This is a step up. You still need to  adjust the lifters but its a runner and it is CHEAP.  These things can go for over 300,000+ miles with some TLC. VW 1600 NA Diesel complete Engine: solid Lifters, with early mount, Pulley Bad, No upper timing cover. This is being sold AS IS for those of you who want cheaper.

Fits your VW Rabbit Pick up 54 HP and 74 Ft. Lbs of Torque

Miles: 99,800


Call us 760-241-9504 


Article # TH 402
$ 1199.00
TH 402
VW 1600 used Hydraulic lifter Diesel Engine with 4 speed Trans, starter,

 VW 1600 NA Hydraulic Lifter with 4 speed transmission and starter, No Alternator

Miles: 96,200

AS Is no warranty

Call and order or you may come in to the shop and pick it up. 

Article # TH 403
$ 799.00
TH 403
VW 1600 Diesel Solid Lifter used running engine

VW 1600 NA Solid Lifters (Rated 3 9-10-19) very rusty, no Aircleaner, AC pulley bad,

99,700 miles



Article # TH 404
$ 1199.00
TH 404
Diesel 1600 used complete running engine

VW 1600 NA Very Strong Runner, Hydraulic lifters, used running engine. Call with any questions 760-241-9504

Miles: 79,800

3 month warranty

Article # TH 408
$ 1159.00
TH 408
VW 1600 Diesel Used complete Engine

1600 Diesel VW engine: Complete Used: Hydraulic lifters: Dirty. Good Engine, pull out from a vehicle in Germany. This engine is for your VW Rabbit, VW Rabbit Pick up, VW Caddy. Thank you for viewing our ads.

Miles: 91,900

3 Month warranty 


Article # TH 409
$ 799.00
TH 409
Diesel 1600 Engine: Used

VW Diesel Rabbit Pick up Truck, early VW Diesel complete engine. Please watch video for info re: the engine

AS IS No warranty




Article # TH 410
$ 1199.00
TH 410
Diesel 1600 used engine

 Rabbit Diesel, VW Diesel, 1600 Dieeel, 

Used complete Diesel 1600 running engne. The alt is broken and the airbox is damaged. use yours. 

Miles: 90,800  plenty of life left you know these slow beasts. 

3 month warranty


Article # TH 411
$ 779.00
TH 411
Diesel 1600 used VW Complete Engine

VW 1600 NA Diesel used complete engine. Solid Lifters Aircleaner Broken, No Alternator

Call for more information on this engine or any in our inventory. 


Miles: 104,300

Article # TH 412
$ 1199.00
TH 412
VW 1600 NA Diesel: Used Complete

VW 1600 Diesel Complete engine Natural Aspirated. No Alternator on this one, the front motor mount is on it. So we will need your exchange if you have yours, or we can take ours off. (+150.00). This is a bit rusty as they all are.

Miles: 86,400

3 Month warranty

Please call for more info: 760-241-9504


Article # TH 417
$ 1149.00
TH 417
VW 1600 Diesel Enigne: Used Complete

VW 1600 NA Diesel Engine complete. Cracked Timing cover, it is a bit dirty....but notice we clean all our motors so they are actually clean in terms of they are not oozing with dirt and ooz. We care about our product. Great for Vw rabbit and rabbit pick up engines.

Miles: 93,400

3 month warranty

Article # TH 418
Sale Item
$ 799.00
TH 418
SALE VW 1600 Diesel Engine AS IS

This is a good used VW 1600 Diesel Natural Aspirated Engine. it is complete Engine.This is a solid lifter engine. I am selling this one as a fixer upper it does have a slight miss at High RPM. I just do not have time to fiddle faddle so here you go. A mechanics Special. A cheap engine that runs but needs some TLC. Here is a video, see for yourself.

  • 54 HP @ 4800 RPM
  • 74 ft lbs. of torque @ 2300-2900 RPManics special. AS IS. Questions after watching the video ring me up. 909-391-6979


Miles: 90,000

AS IS No warranty

Article # TH 419
$ 909.00
TH 419
VW 1600 Diesel NA Enigne: Used

1600 Diesel Rabbit complete engine. Hydraulic lifters. All engines from Germany are gonna have rust they come from Germany. Good runner check out the video. Most of the time the video gives more info then the discriptive. Call 760-241-9504 for more info on this engne or any other.

Miles: 94,700

3 Month warranty

Article # TH 420
$ 919.00
TH 420
VW 1600 NA Diesel Complete Engine: Used

Rabbit pick up, Rabbit, Caddy VW 1600 Diesel engine: Complete used engine, a pull out from a vehicle in Germany. We have been doing this since 1984. We are reputable, we are reliable. YOU will speak with us DIRECTLY Throughout your transaction. This engine has hydraulic lifters. Watch videos for more info then the descriptions normally.

Miles: 96,800


Article # TH 423
$ 999.00
TH 423
Rabbit VW Diesel Engine: 1600 Diesel complete used

VW Diesel 1600 Engine used for the Inline style. EARLY VW engine. Watch the Video more info  then typed descriptions. Call 760-241-9504

Miles: 88,700

3 month warranty

Article # TH 427
$ 1609.00
TH 427
Used complete 1900 VW Diesel Natural Aspirated Engine: STRONG RUNNER

VW 1900 Diesel Natural Aspirated Complete Used engine. This is a pull out from a vehicle in Germany. Imported from Germany to be sold to you.  Most are rusty, the weather there is different. We do have a video if it is not up by the time your viewing this just call. Inventory changes daily and time passes quickly. Many stages to this arriving here to be sold to you. If you currently have a Rabbit pick up that has a 1600 Diesel and you fill it is underpowered but do not want to spend money on a new transmission or another engine. Choose this upgrade that will drop right in and give you a bit more get up and go. Call for more information. 760-241-9504

Miles: 68,600 

3 Month Warranty


Article # TH 428
$ 1699.00
TH 428
VW 1900 NA Diesel used complete engine:

VW 1900 NA Diesel Engine: complete used pull out from a vehicle in Germany. These are no longe a dime a dozen. Get if if you want it. Call with any questions that you may have


Miles: 74,200

3 Month Warranty


Article # TH 430
$ 2599.00
TH 430
Reconditioned 1.9 NA Diesel

1.9 Diesel reconditioned 9-19-19  new head, new riston rings, new bearings new oil pump. 2599.00 

3 month warranty

Call 760-241-9504

Article # TH 440
$ 1399.00
TH 440
VW 1900 Diesel Complete Used Natural Aspirated Engine

 1900 VW Diesel Engine: Complete used: Direct replacement for the 1600 Diesel: No hassle, more horsepower, more torque. Call for more info.760-241-9504 Great for  upgrade to your Rabbit, Caddy, Samurai, Vanagon etc. Call for info in helping you pick the right choice for your VW or conversion. 

Miles: 87,400



Article # TH 441
$ 1649.00
TH 441
1900 Diesel used complete engine.

VW 1900 Diesel Natural aspirated complete runner. No alternator, Timing cover is cracked. No problem use yours. Direct replacement for the 1600. 

Miles: 82,100

3 month warranty


Article # TH 442
TH 442
Article # TH 443
$ 1849.00
TH 443
1900 NA Diesel used engine. Strong Runner

VW 1900 NA Diesel complete engine. Strong Runner, fairly clean, Very good runner. 

Miles; 76,200

3 month warranty 

Call for more information 760-241-9504

Article # TH 444
$ 1799.00
TH 444
VW 1900 Diesel used complete running engine

1900 Diesel. Excellent direct replacement for the 1600 diesel. Drop right in. 

Call for more information 760-241-9504